Washi Memories


Washi Memories
By Natsuko Ogiwara

We carefully carry on the original process of making handmade washi- growing kozo (paper mulberry), harvesting, peeling, beating, and paper making. Kozo has long been grown in the deep snowy mountains of Nagano Prefecture, mainly in the Hokushin region, and is bleached in the sunlight by spreading the mulberry fibers on the snow on a clear day. Since all processes are done by hand and the natural fibers are made into paper, each sheet of paper has its own unique texture. We hope that you will enjoy the texture that washi produces by tracing the ancient “memory of paper” from a single sheet of washi that is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Now, we are based in The Netherlands and will continue to make washi. We hope to merge this Japanese tradition with European ways of living.

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