Handmade Washi Products

If you are interested in any of the products below, please email me at for more information.

Kozo Paper

A3 size

Kozo 100% (Mulberry)

Kozo Chiri Paper

A3 size

Kozo 100% (Mulberry) flecked with bark

Thin Rakushi Kozo Paper

A3 size

Kozo 100% (Mulberry) stylishly sprinkled with water to make a distinct pattern

Momigami Paper

A3 size

Kozo 100% (Mulberry) thick paper kneaded and wrinkled by hand to be strengthened and softer to the touch

Washi cloth dyed with persimmon

This paper has been processed to be strong like cloth, enabling it to be sewn together

Washi cloth dyed with indigo and iron oxide

Paper able to be sewn together, dyed with either indigo or iron oxide

Kozo paper decorations

Hang it by the window or in your room!

Paper noren: tapestry, room divider

These are large interconnected pieces of paper hung in doorways, on the wall, or as a room divider

Paper mulberry fiber objects

The natural shape is beautiful when the kozo fibers are spread out!

Accessories: hair ties

Various artistic designs for hair ties