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Nothing from June 17, 2024 to July 17, 2024.

Join me at a workshop held at the historic De Middelste Molen in Loenen. I am thrilled to have the chance to work with the wonderful staff and volunteers at De Middelste Molen, a paper mill established in 1622.

Four workshop types are available:

Washi Basic Course –  from 10:30 -12:00; cost (including all materials) is 30 Euro.

During the basic course you will get an overview of the tradition and process of Japanese mulberry paper making. You will make Japanese mulberry paper on postcard size and A5 size using a prepared pulp solution.

Washi Full Course- from 10:30-15:30, cost (including all materials) is 70 Euro

During the full course you will learn about the history, tradition and art of Japanese paper making. The full process of Japanese mulberry paper making will be explained in detail and you will execute some of the most interesting steps yourself, like cleaning the bark, pounding the fibers and preparing the paper pulp solution. Plus, of course, make your own Japanese paper with “Nagashizuki” (dipping and rocking method).

Japanese Bookbinding- from 10:30-12:00; cost (including all materials) is 40 Euro* (*10 Euro off if you bring your own paper for the inside!)

During this workshop you can experience the traditional way of Japanese bookbinding, which combines folding and binding paper with durable thread to create beautifully stitched books! You will make your own A5 size book of 20 pages (if you want to prepare a book that is not A5 size, please let us know up-front). You can either bring these 20 pages yourself (e.g. your drawings, poetry etc.) or use the paper provided.

Bag-making using Japanese washi– from 10:30 – 15:30; cost (including all materials) is 85 Euro

During this workshop you will create the pieces needed to sew a hand bag made of Japanese “crumpled” washi (momigami) and cotton. You will have the chance to dye paper, use blueprinting, and learn some Japanese embroidery (sashiko). Astrid Bulsink accompanies Natsuko Ogiwara as an instructor. Note: you will need to sew together the pieces of the bag on your own after the workshop (or +20 Euro if you wish for a professional to sew it for you).

To register, please email me (in English if possible)